Relative dating powerpoint presentation

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“ This is the car (that/which) I paid £ 2000” (everyday speech) “ This is the car for which I paid £ 2000” (formal) Whose and Whom 1. Whom is the object for of who, and has to be used after prepositions.

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d) Peter comes from Witney, that/who/which is near Oxford.

e) This is the gum with that/whom/which the murder was commited.

f) Have you received the parcel that/whom/which we sent you?

Subject and Object Relative clauses give extra information about a noun in the main clause. “That’s the woman who bought my car” “That’s the flat that I was looking for” 2.

Combining sentences Note how sentences are combined. She bought my car” “Sofia is the person who bought my car” Object : “That is the flat.

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